Thursday, June 14, 2012

London Hotel

Apart from the theme park of Storybook Gardens that little kids will love, you can also take advantage of any London hotel you choose to stay in. Are there fine hotels available in the city of London in Canada? The answer is a big yes. Whether you come to the place for leisure or business, the hotels... Source of information..

Mississauga Hotels

These companies chose to base their Canadian headquarters in Mississauga due to the location and their facilities. Technically, all of the Toronto airport hotels serve as Mississauga hotels. These hotels should offer less expensive rates than those located in Toronto.... Read more..

French Doors

Most buyers find it quite challenging to find the appropriate French style doors for their homes. A careful decision should be made by them. These doors are often designed with fibreglass or wood surrounding their combined window panes. If you choose wood, the door will add a soft style to the interior design of your home. These wooden doors of French style can be made from any of the various wood species available... Source of information..

Garage Door Openers

The only drew back is that this type is somewhat difficult to find as there are not much of this type displayed around stores. Regarding its cost, it is of reasonable price and the sound and vibration is minimal compared to a chain driven type. Torsion Driven – powered by new technology this... Click here to read more..


This type is perfect for users who need back support. Hence, it can be uncomfortable for several people due to distribution of the coils which is based on a general ratio. Memory Foam- the shape of this product is expertly designed to suit the shape of the sleeping position of a user. It does not provide significant amount of support which makes it ideal for users who find... Continue reading..

Good Mood

Such swinging of moods is brought by pregnancy and is said to be hormone related. However, it is advisable for pregnant females... Source..

Fuel Injection Service

The fuel will not be pumped effectively without the accessory parts that are installed adjacent to the injector. A fuel injection service will be able to clean all of the parts in a fuel injection system in order for it to function as it is supposed to be. Without regular cleaning, dirt and other debris might accumulate in the... Source..

Good First Cars

Only buy an automobile of which the price is affordable for you. There are several places where you can buy cheap... Find out more...

Easy Cheesecake Recipe

It is at this phase where the remaining heat will continuously cook the wobble center. It is therefore imperative to leave the cheesecake inside the oven with closed doors to give way for the said cooking through... Click here to continue..

Walk In Clinic

Health Care Clinic Health refers to the generalized wellness status of a particular individual such as mental and spiritual health and as well as the... Source of information..

Coral Dress

Normally, based on the tips coming from fashion specialists, when you are to put on something that has vivacious color like coral, you need to select a jewelry that is bigger than the normal size; something that could easily be noticed and would go with the motif of your outfit. It is not advisable, as it is not so pleasurable in the eyes, to wear a... More on this page..

Snow Pants For Kids

Snowboarding can definitely be a great pastime during winter especially with the right pair of pants on. If you are planning to buy these pants for your... Source..

Hotels Downtown Vancouver

Tourists will find a number of hotels downtown Vancouver which will cater to their needs during their vacation. The following is a list of hotels located in the downtown area of Vancouver: Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel This is a waterfront hotel situated a few blocks from Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center, and Alaska cruise ship terminal. The on-site amenities of this hotel include affordable onsite parking areas, indoor lap swimming pool, health club, international restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner... More on this site..

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Learning from Uncle Scrooge

So I've been a big fan of older comics and animation for as long as I can remember. Stuff like Tintin, all the old Warner Bros stuff (anything by Chuck Jones), early Dick Tracy, Plastic Man, Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge (all the Carl Barks stuff), and even Hanna Barbera (just for the character designs) have been a big influence on me as a designer. If you haven't, I suggest taking another look at their work: it's probably a lot hipper than you thought. These guys were right up there with the likes of Paul Rand when it comes to introducing Modernist art & design to America.

I've also learned a lot from those guys from a design perspective. Their spirit of old-school craftsmanship and work ethic have been very inspirational, not to mention their unparalleled ability to render and tell a story through simplification and abstraction.

I stumbled upon a great blog that shares a lot of these secrets: Temple of the Seven Golden Camels- not sure what that title's all about. It's the work of a Disney storyboard artist who shares his insights on design and drawing fundamentals like composition, mood, proportion, posing characters, depth, drawing crowds... all kinds of great stuff that designers can draw tons of inspiration from. Check it out.